The Role of the Strategic Plan

On average the market capitalization of companies with long-term strategies grew $7 BILLION more than that of other firms between 2001 and 2014. Source: McKinsey

Here’s how your strategic plan can deliver better in class results.

Establish and reinforce purpose

  • –  Purpose is the most powerful motivator in every organization
  • –  Planning ensures that the purpose is clear, consistent and fully integrated

Provide guidance

  • –   A plan is a dynamic reference for what to do and what not to do

Create alignment

  • –  The planning process gets everyone on the same page and reveals internal
    misalignment that may cause passive conflict

 Document corporate direction

  • –  A strategic plan drives the organization and directs the actions of the employees

Track progress

  • –  The plan becomes a touchpoint from which to evaluate next steps, course                         correct, modify or fast-track

When you are in the thick of execution strategic planning may seem like wishful thinking. Yet companies who create space to plan dramatically outperform their non-planning competitors. Plan to win.

Brand for Benefit helps companies discover, certify and share their greater purpose as a path to growth.

CEO Carolyn Ansley is an award-winning marketer, entrepreneur and mother who believes using business for good is good business.


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