The Accidental Benefit Marketer

About twenty years ago I inadvertently became a CPG marketer. Despite aspirations in the arts my graphic design co-op turned into a full time gig at a soft drink start-up. As a result my business education came from entrepreneurs at Cott Beverages and later brand experts at Nestle Canada. I lead hundred million dollar divisions, launched brands from scratch and took old brands to number one. I was achieving many of my career goals. And then I had children.

Becoming a mother was a major game changer. I had two children under age two and I no longer slept regularly. My husband travelled frequently for long periods and my work, which had once fulfilled me paled in comparison to the two small yet demanding miracles I had at home. For the second time I seriously questioned my career path.

I left Nestle in 2009 committed to creating a flexible work environment. I bought and sold a business, consulted on some excellent brands and spent a lot of time with my growing children. For me this was true luxury, but my career was no longer fulfilling. I was spending too much time alone or on work that I wasn’t passionate about.

During that time I did a lot of soul searching. I thought about the times I was happy in my career. Though I loved and craved success it was when I was giving back that I felt happiest. 

In 2013 I co-launched a baby food business. The product met an important health need and we were building a sustainable company. I was introduced to the natural health industry in the United States at Expo West (the Walt Disney of well-being trade shows) and we became one of the world’s earliest benefit corporations.

For the first time in my career I felt like I had found my people. Entrepreneurs like myself who truly believed and had proven that products and brands could achieve success by giving back. I fell in love with Honest Company and Beautycounter. I followed Whole Foods religiously and converted my family to organic food. I started to question the things I consumed, my impact on this planet and ultimately my life purpose. 

Brand for Benefit is the culmination of my varied experiences as an artist, mother, entrepreneur and CEO. Though none of these roles independently define me, together they have have shaped me into the marketer and business leader I am today. Whatever you call it, a twist of fate or a happy accident it’s my history that lead me here, living my mission so you can live yours.

Brand for Benefit is committed to helping companies discover, certify and share their greater mission as a path to growth.

CEO Carolyn Ansley is an award winning marketer, entrepreneur and mother who believes that together we can do good business better. 


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