If you can’t break the glass ceiling, get outside.

Women are starting their own businesses at a rapid rate. In the US the number of middle market firms owned or led by women has doubled in the last 10 years, and 36% of all US businesses are owned by women. Now is the time to challenge old corporate models and create ones that work for women. At Brand for Benefit we are ready to experiment. Since all good challenges come with a question we’ve put together a few to get you thinking about your business. As we always say, if you are going to dream, dream big.

What if:

Companies consider active parenting as a pillar of society?

Supporting employees through life changing events drives growth and profit?

Companies offer adaptable work plans that grow and evolve with employees?

Office hours complement the school day?

Day care is on-site?

One year parental leave is 100% paid for by the company?

Part-time work has the same seniority as full-time work?

Virtual work is valued as much as office face time?

Corporate culture is balanced based on employee demographics?

Women-led ventures are B Corps?

Companies catch-up employees on missed training and development after childbirth?

Employers celebrate parenthood?

There is a clear mutually agreed to system to ‘hold down the fort’ during parental leave?

Promotions were based on merit rather than tenure?

Policies are documented, transparent and easily accessible?

Designated breast-milk pumping stations are mandatory?

Parents are encouraged to attend childcare appointments, events and celebrations?

Women formally discussed their work life balance issues to challenge the model and create new solutions?

Companies espouse 21st century family values based on love, respect, diversity, uniqueness and health?

The list is exhaustive. The point is that there comes a time for women to choose to live under the glass ceiling of the old model, fight an exhausting battle to break it, or take the first exit to the clear blue sky of their own making. 

Brand for Benefit is committed to helping companies discover, certify and share their greater purpose as a path to growth.

CEO Carolyn Ansley is an award winning marketer, entrepreneur and mother who believes using business for good is good business.


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